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Young People Quiz MP About Work in Parliament

MP Jonathan Reynolds joined the Speaker of the House of Commons and other local politicians to raise awareness of the work of Parliament to young people in Greater Manchester.

During the event – organised by Parliament’s Education Service – students learnt more about subjects that included media and Parliament, the work of Parliamentary Committees, and voting systems

They came face to face with a number of Members of Parliament from across Greater Manchester.

Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds was one of those who were put in the hot seat. And the young people even got the chance to quiz the Speaker, the Rt Hon John Bercow.

Mr Reynolds hopes the event will have inspired young people across the region to take a closer interest in government.

Mr Reynolds said: "Whether young people realise it or not, the decisions that are made in Parliament have a significant impact on their lives – whether it’s the curriculum they follow at school, the services on offer at their local hospital, the taxes their families pay or how much they will pay to go to university.

"Too often Parliament can seem distant and remote – but I hope events like this will help to bring Parliament to life for our young people; highlighting the impact it has on their lives and the ways that they can influence the decisions that are taken there.

"Democracy is about every member of our society being able to have their say. I hope events like this one will encourage more young people to become active citizens throughout their lives – and maybe even to think about standing for Parliament themselves one day."

Speaking about the event, Rt Hon John Bercow MP said: "Everyone in the UK is affected by the decisions taken in Parliament. Yet, while Parliament matters to everyone, we still face the challenge of encouraging participation in our democracy.

"I am very pleased to be involved in this welcome educational initiative to engage young people with Parliament and explain how to get involved."

The event was held at Hulme Hall, which is part of the University of Manchester.


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