Jonathan Reynolds MP

Representing the communities of Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley, Longdendale, and Dukinfield
labour and coop candidate jonathan reynolds

Wrong to scrap zero-carbon standard for starter homes

Commenting on David Cameron’s announcement that 100,000 new starter homes will be exempt from the zero-carbon homes standard, Jonathan Reynolds MP, Shadow Energy and Climate Change Minister said:

‘David Cameron’s announcement is another example of a back of a fag packet policy that we have come to expect from this Government. Scrapping the need for these homes to be zero-carbon means that it will cost more to heat these homes, which is good news for energy companies but bad news for first-time buyers.

‘The best way to help consumers to manage their energy bills is have better insulated homes. That is why Labour has a plan to make five million homes more energy efficient as well as offering one million interest-free loans for the installation of energy efficiency measures up to the end of the next Parliament’


Published 29/9/14


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