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Theatre Takes Centre Stage in Heritage Open Day

THE Theatre Royal may now stand empty, but in its hey-day queues would stretch around the block.

Whether it was to see a musical, a play or the latest blockbuster, the Theatre Royal was popular as a theatre and then a cinema.

And Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds seized the rare opportunity to have a look inside the landmark building as part of the Heritage Open Day scheme.

"Theatre Royal has a really special place in the history of Hyde," said Jonathan. "And Heritage Open Day was a great chance to take a look inside.

"Only certain areas of the building could be opened up to the public because of concerns about health and safety. But it was a fantastic opportunity to see what it was like - and to get a glimpse of what it could be again."

The open day was hosted by members of Theatre Royal Onward, who aim to purchase the building and re-open in as a theatre.

"Clearly Theatre Royal was once a spectacular building," said Jonathan. "And until it was closed down it was enjoyed by generations of theatre and cinema goers.

"Theatre Royal Onward are working tremendously hard to try and breathe new life into the theatre - so it can be enjoyed by the next generation.

"The group clearly have a huge task ahead of them, but they are determined to make it happen .  I wish them every success and I will work to assist them in any way I can."


Published 10 September 2010



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