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Students Aim to Improve Education Around the World

THE final whistle may have been blown on the World Cup – but pupils at Longdendale Community Language College are hoping the legacy lives on.

Hundreds of pupils at the school have backed the 1Goal campaign, which was launched to coincide with the World Cup.

The campaign recognises that across the estimated 72 million youngsters around the world miss out on an education.

And it calls on governments to make education a top priority, so that every child gets the chance to go to school.

A group of pupils at Longdendale Community Language College, all aged 13 and 14, have collected signatures on a specially created paper scarf.

And now they hope to send the petition to the Prime Minister, to make sure the 1Goal campaign remains in the spotlight.

Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds heard about the pupils’ actions during a recent visit to the school, where he was quizzed about politics and life as an MP

“Millions of children around the world are still missing out an education,” said Jonathan, who is a governor at the Longdendale school.

“In some areas of the world children have to earn money to support their families rather than go to school, which itself can be expensive.  In other areas there are no schools, or no teachers and others are unable to go to school because of war.

“Hundreds of students at Longdendale have said that this situation has to stop and I agree.  I too believe that every child should be able to access education and I am pleased to be able to support this aim.

“By sending this petition to Downing Street the students at Longdendale are engaging with the political process and taking steps that could make a real difference. 

“In trying to help others, they are learning to be good citizens and I hope they will continue to campaign for what they believe is right long into the future.”

Pupils at the school have already impressed there teachers with their determination to highlight the campaign.

Luke Pool, aged 14, from Simmondley, said: “We want to do our bit. And if we can harness the support of Mr Cameron and our government towards the 1Goal campaign, it can only help.”

Longdendale Citizenship teacher Anna Neale said: “I am really impressed with our pupils’ mature attitude towards wanting to do something that will make a difference. They are not just enthusiastic about the cause, they also care about it too.”

Published July 16, 2010.



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