Jonathan Reynolds MP

Representing the communities of Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley, Longdendale, and Dukinfield
labour and coop candidate jonathan reynolds

Statement on Dave McIntyre case

PREFERRED_JR_Pic.jpgCommenting on the case of former soldier Dave McIntyre - originally from Hyde - who is facing extradition to the US, Jonathan said:

'I first became involved with Dave's case 2 years ago when he came to see me at a surgery. He has since moved home, meaning I stopped being his MP and could not continue to represent him, but I have continued to keep a close eye on the case.

I have always believed that Dave is suffering considerably from post-traumatic stress and that he should not be extradited. I am disappointed that the High Court has not agreed with this. I can only say that, from my own dealings with him, I believe Dave to be an honest and trustworthy man.

I do not have sufficient knowledge of the legal system to say if it is possible for Dave to be tried in the UK, but I do believe all steps possible should be taken to ensure he is given a fair trial. In particular, I do not believe he should be extradited until the trial is ready to commence. That way he will not face undue pressure to sign a plea bargain admitting guilt for an offence which he is adamant he is innocent of.'


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