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MP: Congestion Cannot be Allowed to Continue

STALYBRIDGE and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds has written to Secretary of State for Transport Philip Hammond, after Longdendale was left off a list of approved road-building projects.

Mr Reynolds believes urgent action is required to relieve the congestion on the stretch of the A57 running between Hollingworth and the end of the M67 in Mottram.

And he is "extremely disappointed" that the project has been omitted from a list of projects approved by the Department for Transport.

Now he has written to Mr Hammond to ask for the reasons behind the decision not to allocate funds to the project. And he has asked to know what steps could be taken in order to have the project reinstated.

Mr Reynolds said: "Residents in Longdendale have been plagued by excessive traffic for more than 30 years. 

And - as the amount of traffic increases with each year - the problem is becoming progressively worse.

"These residents find that the roads outside their homes are often grid-locked and - aside from the obvious traffic delays - they have to put up with unacceptable levels of noise, dust and pollution every day.

"Residents and commuters will share my extreme disappointment that the announcement from the Department for Transport does not include Longdendale.

"I have already written to the Secretary of State Philip Hammond to see what steps can be taken to have this scheme reconsidered.

"But I am determined to ensure residents do not have to continue to suffer from this extreme congestion.

"This problem should have been solved years ago. And allowing it to continue is no longer an option.

"All possible solutions must now be considered. And I have already started to investigate other measures that could provide a more immediate solution."

Since his election in May, Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds has made efforts to breathe new life into the bypass plans.

One of Jonathan Reynolds first acts as an MP was to write to Secretary of State for Transport Philip Hammond to highlight the traffic problems in the area.

And he has worked alongside Conservative High Peak MP Andrew Bingham to highlight the urgent need for a solution to the traffic problems, that are crippling the area.

Now he says he is determined to work closely with residents to find and implement a solution that will rid the roads around their homes of the excessive traffic that they have had to endure.

Anyone who wishes to contact Mr Reynolds about this issue can do so by email at or by writing to him at Jonathan Reynolds MP, The Constituency Office, Hyde Town Hall, Market Street, Hyde, SK14 1AL.

Published November 2, 2010


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