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Representing the communities of Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley, Longdendale, and Dukinfield
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My resignation from the frontbench

You will be aware that there has been a reshuffle of the Labour frontbench underway since the beginning of the week. Following the announcements made at midnight on Tuesday, I decided that it would be best for me to resign from the frontbench and work for the Party from the backbenches.

This is principally because I want the freedom to be able to do and say things beyond the remit of my brief as shadow transport minister. I have been anxious recently as to whether devoting the necessary time to being the shadow rail minister gave me sufficient scope to do all the other things I want to do, particularly in light of the forthcoming EU referendum and the continuing Tory cuts that are affecting our local area. In my resignation statement I therefore wanted to make clear my respect and personal regard for Jeremy, who I have got on well with in the role given our shared love of public transport. I am explicitly not calling into question Jeremy's role or mandate as leader, but rather deciding that it is not the best use of my time or talents to be on the frontbench at this time. One of the things I like about Jeremy, even when I disagree with him, is his authenticity and honesty. We surely need more of it in politics.

Over the last few months there have been a number of issues where I haven't been entirely happy with our frontbench position, including on the Devolution Bill which has a direct relevance to Greater Manchester. I also did a speech and presented a bill on reforming our voting system, which strictly speaking isn't permitted of a frontbencher. So when I saw the announcements late on Tuesday night, particularly regarding the sacking of Pat McFadden for reasons which I could not agree with, I felt the principled thing to do was to leave. I am obviously aware there have since been other resignations, with people giving their own reasons. This is entirely a matter for those individuals - the only person who I made aware of my intentions was Claire.

I hope people will recognise through the wording of my letter, which you can find on my Facebook page (, that I have tried to act with dignity and integrity at this time, and also agree that it was best to leave as part of a proper reshuffle rather than resign at another time.


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