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MP Shares Parents' Admissions Concerns

Education bosses in Tameside are being urged to increase the number of places at a popular primary school - after a number of local children were turned away.

Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds has asked for the situation to be reviewed after being contacted by a number of parents who have been refused places at Hollingworth Primary School.

Despite living within a few hundred yards they have been told there are no places available for their children - even though some of the new pupils will travel much further to get there.

That's because, in line with established admissions procedures, the over-subscribed school has given precedence to children who already have older brothers and sisters at the school.

And those local youngsters who have been refused paces at the school have been told they must go to Mottram Primary School instead.

Although Mottram is also a respected primary school, it is a one-mile uphill walk from Hollingworth, along one of the busiest roads in the country.

And it is amid fears that the daily journey to and from school would be unsuitable for young children that  Mr Reynolds has asked the school's board of governors and the local education authority to intervene.

Mr Reynolds recognises that there are some concerns that this would mean the introduction of mixed age classes

But he says these already operate successfully in surrounding schools, such as Mottram and Broadbottom.  And he believes this is a better option than turning away local children.

"A number of parents from Hollingworth have contacted me because their children have been refused places at their local primary school, said Mr Reynolds.

"Some live just a short walk from the school, but have been told the nearest place available to them is at Mottram Primary School - which is more than a mile away.

"Anyone who lives in Longdendale knows how difficult the journey between Hollingworth and Mottram can be.  And it seems absurd to ask children to do this every day, rather than attend the primary school on their doorstep.

"Of course, I am delighted that Hollingworth Primary School is growing in popularity and is obviously valued by parents. But all schools need to benefit the community they are a part of - and if they are turning away local children, they are letting those children down.

"I hope that the school and the local education authority will now consider increasing the number of places available at the school - even if it means the introduction of some mixed age classes."


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