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MP Reynolds Backs Manufacturing in Tameside

STALYBRIDGE and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds has visited a successful business in Hyde, just days after highlighting the need to support manufacturing industries.

Newland Engineering has been making telescopic conveyors, which are widely used in the transfer of goods from lorry to warehouse, since 1962.

The company already exports to more than 57 countries and its customers include retail giants such as Primark, QVC and the Disney Store. But despite its success it is also having to take measures to protect itself against the impact of the economic downturn.

On Friday Mr Reynolds - who is Vice Chair of the Associate Parliamentary Manufacturing Group - toured the company with managing director Lynn Kerfoot, who is also local president for Tameside branch of GM Chamber of Commerce. And he heard about their successes and the challenges they face.

Following the tour Mr Reynolds said: "Newland Engineering is clearly a successful company that has developed a range of products that they export all over the world.  Some of the staff have been there for their entire working life. And their low staff turnover shows employees are not only good at what they do - but they enjoy going to work too.

"However the worldwide downturn and the increase in the cost of raw materials are clearly making business more difficult for everyone.  And at Newland the management and employees have acted together to ensure the long-term future of the business.

"People are often too keen to talk about the demise of our manufacturing industries, but Newland is just one of the many small businesses in our area that are braving the downturn.

"And I am disappointed that the government did not use the opportunity of the Budget to offer greater support to manufacturing businesses like Newland Engineering."

Just days before the visit Mr Reynolds spoke out in support of the manufacturing sector, during a debate on the Government's Budget.

He pointed to the UK's position as a world-leader in high-value manufacturing sectors such as pharmaceuticals, life sciences, advanced engineering and aerospace. And while he accepted that the manufacturing sector may nor ever have the share of the economy it had in the 1980s, he said there was real potential for growth.

He told the House that it was important that the sector should be supported as the country emerges from the economic downturn. But he said he believed the Government had failed to deliver the measures that are needed.

He said: "I believe that a major focus of the budget should have been the inclusion of measures that would boost growth, stimulate the economy and increase employment opportunities as a result.

"But what we have seen, yet again from this Government, is a set of ideologically driven and politically based measures, rather than anything based on practical economics.

"Fundamental to the Government's entire approach is the belief that cutting the deficit deeply and quickly will stimulate growth in our economy. The very cornerstone of this approach is wrong."

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