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MP Reynolds asks pub landlords to have their say

MP Jonathan Reynolds is asking pub landlords to share their experiences with him, following Labour calls for better regulation of the industry.

Earlier this month Labour MPs secured a debate on the regulation of the industry, after suggestions the relationship between pub landlords and the Pubcos that owned the pubs could be unbalanced and unfair.

Under the current system, landlords sign a deal with the Pubcos which can compel them to pay rent, buy supplies and even purchase financial and other services from them.

But there have been claims that the prices charged by some Pubcos can be disproportionately high - making it difficult for landlords to succeed.

There have been reports that under the current system landlords can be running pubs with a turnover in excess of £500,000 and yet only have a salary of £18,000.

During the debate Labour MPs called for statutory regulation of the industry - and the Government has now agreed to draw up a statutory code.

It is not yet clear whether the Government's plans include a mandatory 'free of tie' option, which Labour MPs have called for.

However Mr Reynolds remains determined to ensure this code is robust as it passes through Parliament - and he has now launched a survey, in a bid to determine the extent of the problem locally.

Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds said: "For generations pubs have been at the heart of our communities. They are often where we relax at the end of the day, where we come together to celebrate our milestones and where families and friends socialise.

"However the number of pubs is now in sharp decline. Nationally figures suggest there are 18 pubs closing every week – and in our own area there are a number of once-thriving pubs now boarded up and empty.

"One of the biggest challenges facing pubs is the relationship between the landlords and the pubcos or breweries that own the pubs.

"In many cases there is evidence that this relationship is unbalanced and unfair, with the charges incurred often appearing to be disproportionate.

"I am pleased that the Government has listened to Labour MPs and has agreed to draw up a statutory code - but that code must be strong and fair.

"So that we have clear evidence of the challenges facing pubs - and of the innovative ways they are trying to build their businesses - I have written to landlords across the constituency asking them to share their experiences.

"The survey can be found by clicking here and I hope as many landlords as possible will take part."

Mr Reynolds is also keen to talk to landlords face to face, either individually as groups. To arrange a meeting, landlords can contact Mr Reynolds through the constituency office on 0161 367 8077 or by email at

Published Monday 28 January, 2013


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