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MP Praises New Opportunities for Young People

YOUNGSTERS in Stalybridge are finding that learning doesn't stop and start with the school bell, following the launch of Copley Youth Base.

The Copley Youth Base, next to Copley High School, is the first purpose-built youth centre to be opened in Tameside for more than 30 years.

It offers young people, aged 11 to 19, the chance to drop in for a game of pool or table tennis, to chat with friends, watch tv or to challenge each other to a computer game.

But as well as providing leisure activities, the centre also provides opportunities for young people to learn about issues and subjects that concern them.

And on Friday the centre was officially opened by Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds.

Following the launch of the centre, Mr Reynolds said: "Too often young people complain there is little for them to do and nowhere to go - and often they can be right.

"But the Copley Youth Base means that it's no longer something that can be said by young people in Stalybridge.

"Copley Youth Base provides a vibrant mix of opportunities for young people to socialise and to learn. And it is a really positive addition to the activities available in Stalybridge.

"Often young people do often just want somewhere safe and warm where they can spend time with their friends, but users of the Base will also be able to access accredited learning packages.

"And that means that as well as having a good time, they will have the option to develop knowledge and skills that will help them at school or in the workplace.

"I am delighted that young people can now access Copley Youth Base and I wish them and the staff well for the future."

Copley Youth Base, on Huddersfield Road, is open to young people on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, at a cost of 50 pence a session.

Published October 18, 2010


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