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MP calls for better protection for bees

STALYBRIDGE and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds dropped-in to see the beehives in Hyde Park on Friday (January 18), after backing Friends of the Earth’s Bee Cause campaign.  

The two hives – which are home to thousands of bees – were installed in the park 12 months ago.

Honey from the hives has already proved a real hit with visitors to the Park Café and the hives ensure the bees can flourish in a safe environment.  

There’s a new orchard and flower meadow in the park and there are plans to increase the number of beehives later in the year.  

The Friends of the Earth Bee Cause campaign aims to support threatened bees and other pollinating insects which are so important to the local environment, to farmers and the economy.  

Earlier in the week Mr Reynolds attended a Bee Cause event in the House of Commons, where he learned more about the economic and environmental impact of bee decline.  

According to Friends of the Earth pollination of crops by bees and other insects is worth over £500 million a year to our economy.

If bees disappear it would cost British farmers at least £1.8 billion a year to pollinate their crops by hand and food prices would rise.

Mr Reynolds said: “Visitors to Hyde Park have been really interested to see the hives over the past year - and they have been keen to learn more about the habitat and the lives of bees.  

“This is a local project which is having a really positive impact – helping to increase the number of bees and adding to the appeal of the park.  

“Bees are needed to pollinate our food crops and the many flowers that bring colour and vibrancy to our towns and countryside. Without them crops would need to be pollinated by hand and food prices would rise.  

“Bees are amazing creatures and we need to do what we can to help to protect them. So I’m delighted to back calls by Friends of the Earth for the Government to adopt a National Bee Action Plan.”  

As part of the Bee Cause campaign Friends of the Earth is asking David Cameron to adopt a National Bee Action Plan:  

·         to ensure our towns and countryside provide bees with enough flowers to feed on and places to nest

·         to help farmers, gardeners and park keepers to reduce chemicals that harm bees

·         and to protect all 250 plus British bee species, not only the ones that make our honey.

Published on Monday 20 January, 2013


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