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Longdendale Bypass Update - April 2017

Since my days as local councillor for Longdendale I've had a great relationship with our colleagues across the border in Derbyshire, and yesterday I went down to Tintwistle with them to get a sense of how the feeling is there on the Bypass proposals.

Longdendale Tintwistle bypass

As might be expected it was very similar to sentiment in Hollingworth - very much a desire for the full Bypass, concern that this proposal isn't that, but also a very strong feeling that something must be done and any progress is better than none. In my next meeting with Highways England I will be passing on this feeling that more assurance and clarity for Hollingworth and Tintwistle is required.

A few people have also raised the possibility of combining the Mottram Bypass plan with a weight restriction on heavy goods vehicles over Woodhead. This was something that came up a lot 10 years ago with the last plan. I'm happy to make some enquiries as to what this might mean, but from memory last time the finding was a ban on Woodhead would just displace HGVs to other Trans-Pennine routes, and an HGV ban covering all the routes would be unenforceable given the size/local access those routes cover. My preference is to get the Hollingworth-Tintwistle section included in the next Road Investment Strategy, which I believe is very much possible.


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