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Local photographer helps MP say 'Happy Christmas'

Christmas card imageA Stunning image of the River Tame will help MP Jonathan Reynolds spread his festive greetings – after it was selected as the winning image in his Christmas Card Competition.
Every year Stalybridge and Hyde MP Mr Reynolds sends hundreds of Christmas Cards to recipients across the country.
And earlier this year he challenged residents to help him come up with a suitable image that could be used on the front of the card.

Competition entries were judged by cartoonist Tony Husband, photographer Paul Wolfgang Webster and Mr Reynolds.
And Peter Farrell’s stunning image of the River Tame, in Stalybridge, was selected as the winner.
The photograph was taken from the walkway bridge – where the viaduct used to be - looking past Stokes Mill. The judges all agreed that it was an outstanding entry.
Mr Reynolds said: “This wintry image of the River Tame shows just how picturesque our area can be - and I can’t wait to share it with colleagues across the country.
“Of course those of us who live here already know how beautiful our area is, but the Christmas Card is a great opportunity to highlight the beauty of our area more widely.
“It was tough to pick a single winner – though ultimately all the judges agreed that this one was outstanding.
“However I was staggered by the number of outstanding photographs that were entered in the competition - and in the coming days I intend to share a number of the entries with constituents through my website.”
Commenting on the winning entry, photographer Paul Wolfgang Webster said: “This photograph was a worthy winner. What I loved was that it shows the heritage of our area and the countryside. I also liked the way it leads the eye right into the water.”
Cartoonist Tony Husband said: “This is a photograph that really sums up Christmas. What I really liked was that on one side it has the countryside and on the other is an industrial site. It’s a real meeting of the two environments.”
Competition winner Peter Farrell, aged 47, from Stalybridge, started taking photographs as a hobby – and now runs his business Pixies in the Cellar, which specialises in wedding photography.
He took the winning image last winter, after being inspired by a fall of snow, grabbing his camera and going out for a walk.
He says that there are spaces in Stalybridge that are spectacular and he is delighted to have captured this stunning aspect of the River Tame.
Last year Mr Reynolds’ cards featured a photograph of Hyde Town Hall taken by a local photographer. And he hopes to continue the tradition of using local photographs or artworks in future years.

Published 9 November, 2012


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