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Representing the communities of Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley, Longdendale, and Dukinfield
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Labour campaigning for your vote

MEP Arlene McCarthy joined MP Jonathan Reynolds and local Labour candidate Eleanor Shember-Critchley to meet with voters in Mossley on Friday – in the run-up to the local elections.

The Labour trio took the Labour Party’s local election campaign to the doorstep and then met with a range of community groups, including Mossley Estate Residents Association and Cash Box.

Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds says the Labour team received a warm response in the town.

Concerns raised by residents during the day included the economy and the Government’s cuts.

"People have been telling me they are concerned by many of the decisions that are being made by the Conservative Government," said Mr Reynolds.

"They share my concerns about the planned changes to the NHS and they can see the impact Tory cuts are having, in our own communities and in the country as a whole.

"They are concerned that under the Tory Government prices are increasing more quickly than wages, that more young people than ever are out of work and that cuts mean there are fewer police officers in our communities.

"But many people already recognise that the impact of the Conservative Government is lessened by the actions and decisions that are being taken by our Labour-run council.

"I believe a strong Labour council will deliver the best results for our communities. And I have been proud to support our Labour Party candidates in the run-up to this election."

Following the visit to Mossley MEP Arlene McCarthy said: "Whilst out campaigning with Labour’s local team in Mossley on Friday I saw at first hand the fantastic work Ellie Shember-Critchley, Councillors Paul Dowthwaite and Idu Miah alongside local MP, Jonathan Reynolds, are doing to protect our communities from the worst effects of the cuts.

"With unemployment rising and living standards falling local families are facing rising living costs – with petrol prices, train fares and energy bills soaring. These elections are our chance to send a message to this ConDem Government. Please use your vote for Labour on May 3."

The local elections will be held on Thursday 3 May, 2012.

Published 23 April, 2012


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