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John Denham Meets Local People Making a Difference

SHADOW Communities Secretary John Denham has been talking to residents about the impact multi-million pound investment is having on the lives of local residents.

Properties across the estate are currently being refurbished and modernised by Peak Valley Housing Association, as part of a £40million regeneration programme.

And Rt Hon John Denham toured the area recently at the invitation of Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds.

After looking at some of the ongoing building work on the estate, Mr Denham met with some of the residents who are taking a leading role in the community.

Jean and George Davison told Mr Denham about the Street Representative scheme, where residents patrol the area and act to ensure required repairs are completed and that environmental problems - such as fly-tipping - are quickly dealt with.

And he also met with Jean Taylor, who is one of dozens of residents who are trying to recreate the 'neighbourliness' of 1960s Manchester with the Good Neighbours scheme.

Following the visit, Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds said: "The physical impact that the investment by the Labour government is making around Hattersley is plain to see.

"Areas of Hattersley have been cleared for development, new properties are being built and existing homes are being refurbished. This is work that is already making a real difference to the quality of life for local residents.

"Meanwhile many people living in Hattersley have also made it clear they want to take on a greater role in their community. And they have been encouraged to do so by the Hattersley Neighbourhood Partnership.

"Residents - like Jean Taylor and Jean Davison - have spearheaded projects such as the Street Representatives and the Good Neighbour scheme, which are helping to turn Hattersley into a stronger community.

"The government's Big Society initiative suggests that when the government does something it means that volunteers are crowded out.

"Yet these schemes show how a small amount of government money can stimulate significant community activity."

Mr Reynolds fears that funding for schemes such as these could fall victim to spending cuts, which are being planned by the Conservative government.

And he hopes the government will continue to invest in schemes such as this and organisations like the Hattrsley Neighbourhood Partnership.

He said: "If you take funding away, will you get more community activity? I don't think you will."

Published September 20, 2010 



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