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Help for Team to Kick Off New Season

WIN or lose, young footballers from Hyde are treating every match as a victory - after they almost didn't make it to the starting whistle.

Members of the Hyde United Juniors  (Under 14s) have been playing together every week for the past six years.

But just two days before the start if the season this year, the team's assistant manager Darren Hughes was told that the youngsters couldn't use the pitch they had booked.

Darren was told that as a result of an administrative error, the pitch they thought they had booked for the season had already been promised to another team.

And without it, Darren feared the team would have to pull out of their place in the second division of the Stockport Net League.

In desperation he approached Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds, who immediately set about resolving the problem. But as well as finding the boys an alternative pitch, in Haughton Green, he also found some additional equipment and a new football strip.

"I knew how devastated these young players would be if they  had had to pull out of the league this year - and I was determined to help them," said Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds.

"After a few enquires I found there was a pitch that the boys could use in Haughton Green. And after making a few more calls I found some additional funding.

"Like dozens of young teams across the country Hyde United Juniors rely on the support of their parents and volunteers. They do a tremendous job, but I know that finding the necessary funding can be a real struggle.

"I hope this will go some way towards helping them through the current season.  And I hope it will allow the boys and their supporters to concentrate on what's really important . . . their performance on the pitch."  

Published November 30, 2010


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