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Funding decision for bypass in Longdendale

STALYBRIDGE and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds has welcomed the decision to fund transport improvements around Longdendale

 The stretch of the A57 - which runs between Hollingworth and the end of the M67 in Mottram - is one of the busiest roads in the country. It is frequently grid-locked and heavy traffic causes significant levels of noise, dust and disruption. Residents were first promised a bypass more than 30 years ago, but in 2010 - following the collapse of a public inquiry - the plans were shelved.

 Since then local MP Jonathan Reynolds, working with neighbouring High Peak MP Andrew Bingham and local councillors for Longdendale, has continued to push for the transport problems in the area to be recognised at the highest level.

 Today (Monday 1 December) the Government is expected to announce £170million to address the problem directly.


Mr Reynolds said: "This will be welcome news for people living in Mottram and Hollingworth and the surrounding areas. They have put up with unacceptable levels of road congestion and pollution for far too long.

 "The road that links the two villages was never designed or intended to take the high levels of cross-regional traffic that run through it every day. The queues through Longdendale are notorious.  The daily gridlock could not be allowed to continue and it has been clear to me for some time that a bypass would be an essential part of the solution.

 "I have been committed to making sure that the case for a new road was made at the highest level.  I am delighted that the funding promised by the Department for Transport will now make this possible.

When we began this process in 2010, we were told there was no chance whatsoever of achieving funding for a major scheme. But I promised local residents when I was elected I would fight hard on their behalf - and I have."


Mr Reynolds - who was formerly a councillor for Longdendale - has been pushing for a solution to the traffic problems in the area since his election to Parliament in 2010. He has worked with neighbouring High Peak MP Andrew Bingham and organisations across the Transpennine corridor in a bid to ensure the situation could be properly assessed.  During this process a wide range of options have been considered, from an HGV ban on the Woodhead Pass to a tunnel under the Pennines.

 A full announcement is expected to be made to the House of Commons today, after which work will begin to determine a specific route for a new road. 

 Mr Reynolds is committed to ensuring residents are kept up to date with the developments as they occur.


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