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Campaign for Bypass turns to Information Superhighway

AN ONLINE petition designed to ensure that Parliament focuses on the need for a bypass through Longdendale and Glossop has been backed by local MP Jonathan Reynolds.

Every day the narrow roads between Glossop and the start of the M67, in Hattersley, are snarled up with traffic – causing unacceptable levels of noise and pollution to residents. Yet plans for a bypass were shelved last year, following the collapse of the public inquiry in 2008.

Now a motorist from Glossop has launched an online petition, in a bid to secure a Parliamentary debate on the need for the bypass. Jonathan Reynolds is encouraging as many people as possible to sign it.

“The narrow roads through Mottram and Hollingworth were simply not built for current volumes of traffic,” said Mr Reynolds.

“Every day thousands of commuters and a significant number of lorries use the stretch of the A57 in Longdendale, making it one of the busiest ‘A’ roads in the country.

“This traffic causes significant levels of distress to residents and motorists, who have to put up with gridlocked roads and unacceptable levels of noise and pollution.

“There is widespread agreement that an urgent solution is needed to address the volume of traffic on this road – yet plans for a bypass have been shelved by the government.

“I am determined to make sure the need for a bypass does not fall off the political agenda and that’s why I’m supporting this e-petition.

“I hope as many people as possible will sign and that it will be enough to secure a full debate on the need for bypass between Glossop and Longdendale.”

Mr Reynolds has been pressing the case for a bypass through Longdendale for a number of years  – first as local councillor and now as MP.

Since being elected as MP in 2010, he has raised the matter in Parliament, he has co-hosted a visit to the area by Transport Minister Norman Baker along with neighbouring MP Andrew Bingham – and he remains determined that the need for a bypass should not be forgotten.

In order to trigger a Parliamentary debate the e-petition will need to secure 100,000 signatures.

Earlier this month Mr Reynolds wrote to hundreds of residents in Longdendale, highlighting the e-petition and his ongoing actions to secure a solution to the problems caused by excessive traffic in the area.
The e-petition can be found at 


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