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Back to School to Learn About New Venture

AN EMPTY shop in the centre of Hyde is being transformed into a school to help local youngsters reach their academic potential.

The Tameside-based Just Help Foundation is launching the supplementary school next month, when it plans to offer lessons in English and maths to local youngsters.

It is hoped the school (which will operate on Saturday and Sunday mornings) will help to ensure more young people from across Tameside continue on to further and higher education.

On Friday Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds joined representatives from the charity and other officials to officially open the new Market Street base.

"The Just Help Foundation has been operating from Tameside for a number of years," said Mr Reynolds. "Education is vital if our young people are to reach their full potential. And this does sound like it will be an excellent project.

"Of course, in Tameside we are fortunate to have a number of really excellent schools - but I know that some parents do feel that their children would benefit from additional support.

"This supplementary school is designed to help teenagers to improve their English in the months before their GCSEs. And I wish the charity the best of luck with their project."

For almost five years the Just Help Foundation has been raising funds with its aim of ‘helping people across the world'.

And through a series of dinners, sponsored events and appeals for donations they have raised thousands of pounds for educational and health projects in Bangladesh and other areas.

In addition to the supplementary school in Hyde, the Just Help Foundation is continuing to raise funds for a number of projects overseas.

Current appeals aim to provide rickshaws to enable those living in Bangladesh without an education to make a living; the ‘tube-well water project' to increase access to clean water in communities in Asia and Africa; and to pay for educational centres in villages where children currently have no access to schooling.

The charity also seeks to give blankets to those without during the cold season and to distribute mosquito nets to prevent the spread of malaria.

More information about the Just Help Foundation can be found at

 Published September 23, 2011


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