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Article 50 at Committee Stage - My Views

This week the Article 50 Bill has been in it's committee stage, which is where amendments are tabled by MPs to a bill and the detail of the bill discussed. I am supporting the Bill as I believe the result of the referendum should be honoured (for a detailed explanation of this see my previous posts).

Yesterday and today I have supported the following amendments:

NC2 - that the negotiations should have regard to delivering: a) a stable economy, b) peace in Northern Ireland, c) tariff and regulation free trade with the EU, d) Europe-wide cooperation in science, crime and terrorism, e) all current U.K. social, economic and workers' rights

NC7 - UK should not become a tax haven after Brexit

Amendment 29 - Govt should consult Govt of Gibraltar on the deal

Amendment 11 - the NHS should get £350m extra a week after Brexit, honouring the Leave campaign pledge

Amendment 86 - Govt should have regard to the Good Friday Agreement and maintaining peace in Northern Ireland

NC57 - EU citizens lawfully resident in the U.K. on the day of the referendum should get the right to remain here

NC192 - UK should remain a member of EURATOM (this is about civil nuclear industry regulation, and seems an odd thing to depart from)

The Government opposed and defeated all of these amendments and new clauses.

I did not support the amendment calling for a Second Referendum. I have already said I think this would make our negotiating position with the EU impossible, and be seen as a con trick because the proponents wrote the amendment so that we would remain in the EU if the public didn't back the deal.

Yesterday, the Government did concede it would make regular updates to Parliament and allow Parliament to vote on the deal before the EU Parliament did so. That was welcome.

The Bill is about to pass it's Third Reading in the Commons and will now go to the House of Lords.



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