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Campaigning for the communities of Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley, Longdendale, and Dukinfield
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Speaking up for carers in Parliament


Today (Monday 8th June) marks the start of Carers week and I was delighted to attend a drop-in event for MP’s in Parliament to highlight the start of this week’s important campaign.

The aim of Carers week is to raise awareness of caring and highlight the challenges carers face up and down the country; not least in areas such as ours. Roughly one in eight people from across the whole of Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley, Dukinfield and Longdendale is a carer, and each day they are doing what they can to make life a little better for those close to them.

Representatives from organisations such as Age UK, Carers UK and the MS Society were present to offer advice to MP’s on how to support constituents who are carers, and to suggest ways MP’s can speak up for carers in Parliament. With recent evidence showing that full time-time carers are more than twice as likely to be in bad health than non-carers, and that nearly half of carers are struggling to make ends meet, I was more than happy to pledge my support, and I will continue to support and speak up for carers in Parliament.

Community Champions visit Queen and Parliament

Irene_lONDON.jpgLast week I was delighted to be able to welcome Mossley residents Irene Raddings and Marie Milne to London in recognition of their fantastic work in the community in Mossley. Every year I can nominate two community activists to attend the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, and this year both Irene and Marie stood out for me. They both had a great time at the Palace, and they assured me that the cucumber sandwiches were of the highest quality. It was also a privilege to be able to give them a personal tour of the House of Parliament afterwards, ending with them taking in the views of London on the Terrace.

Their accommodation was kindly paid for by New Charter, and the day even got off to best possible start when they were upgraded to First Class free of charge on the train down by Virgin Trains.

Irene and Marie, who was also previously a Town Councillor, do outstanding work in their community in Mossley, and so it was only right that they were recognised for this. They are both important members of Mossley Town Team working to improve Mossley town centre, and also doing great work as part of the Micklehurst Estate Residents Association (MERA). They were fully deserving of being rewarded in this way, and I know that they will continue to work hard and be a huge positive part of the community in Mossley.

MP welcomes arrests after violent attacks

Commenting on the news that arrests have been made following the recent attacks in Hyde, Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds said:

“I am pleased that arrests has been made following these two disgraceful attacks and I again want to send my best wishes to the victims.

It is important to remember that for our area, attacks like this are very rare and I would like to thank the police for acting so quickly in identifying the possible perpetrators.

I will keep in close contact with the police on this matter, and look forward to further progress being made.”

Thank you for your support


I wanted to use this first website post following the general election to say thank you for re-electing me as your Member of Parliament. I have said this many times before, but representing the place I am proud to call home is the best job in the world. Not a day goes by where I don’t reflect on the great responsibility that brings.

 But election victories are a time for humility, not hubris. I believe our area faces significant challenges, especially on issues like housing, transport, public health, skills and employment.  We need a Member of Parliament who is ready to go to Westminster and make their voice heard, but who is also rooted and active in the community, willing to listen to people’s concerns and offer assistance when needed. Whatever your political views and however you voted in the election, I will be that representative.

 I am of the firm belief that politics is the pursuit of noble causes; about how we can make the world around us a better place for each and every one of us. It is up to myself and my colleagues in Parliament to represent the best interest of our constituents, and that is exactly what I intend to do in the coming months and years. 

Thank you to everyone who supported me in the election. It is a great honour to serve you in Parliament and I look forward to working with you over the next five years.


PS. You can watch the declaration for our constituency here:

Important! Parliament dissolved - please read

As you may know Parliament has now been dissolved and a General Election will take place on May 7th. This means there is no longer an MP for our constituency (or any constituency) until the election has taken place.

Therefore if you are contacting me regarding specific assistance you require from an MP, unfortunately I cannot take up your case at present. Casework is extremely important to me but there are strict rules ensuring sitting MPs do not have unfair advantages over other candidates whilst the election is taking place. If your issue is a local matter (waste, social services, education, town centres etc.), I recommend contacting your local councillor. You can do this by entering your postcode into this Tameside Council website:

If it is a more general matter, I recommend contacting Tameside Citizen’s Advice on 0161 342 5005.

If you are still in need of assistance after May 7th and I have been re-elected, please get in touch with me again.

If you are contacting me about the General Election – such as an enquiry as to my view on a matter – then thank you. I will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

With best wishes

Jonathan Reynolds


Please note: This site was established while I was a Member of Parliament. As Parliament has been dissolved there are no MPs until after the Election on 7th May 2015.


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