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Campaigning for the communities of Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley, Longdendale, and Dukinfield
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My response to proposed train cuts for vital commuter rail route

Commenting on the news that the Manchester Piccadilly to Hadfield and Glossop via Hattersley rail route is to lose rolling stock, Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds said:

“Yet again rail commuters in the North are losing out, this time seeing rolling stock going to the West Midlands. This loss of trains will hit commuters at numerous stations in Hyde who rely on this route in order to get to work in Manchester City Centre.

This is yet another example in a series of announcements in recent months that have hit rail infrastructure in the North, and which make a mockery of this Government’s ‘Northern Powerhouse’ agenda. I will be writing to the Transport Secretary to find out what plans he has in place to replace the trains we will lose.”

You can view the full story on the BBC News website here.

Transport Minister confirms plans to look at Peak District tunnels

The Transport Secretary yesterday (Thursday 16th July) confirmed to me during Transport Questions in Parliament plans for a rail and road study into the technical feasibility, benefits and impacts of constructing a tunnel under the Peak District, connecting Manchester and Sheffield.

Patrick McLoughlin has recently written to all 28 MP’s affected by the TransPennine schemes, and I was seeking confirmation that the possibility of a tunnel was being considered, and that this would be in addition to the Mottram by-pass announced before the election.

The Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin has recently written to all 28 MP’s affected by the TransPennine schemes, and Mr Reynolds was seeking confirmation that the possibility of a tunnel was being considered, and that this would be in addition to the Mottram by-pass announced before the election.

I believe that one of the most important decisions in the previous Parliament was the decision to proceed with the Mottram Bypass, something I have campaigned for since I was first elected. A number of issues still need to be resolved however, once of which being the feasibility of building a new tunnel under the Pennines, so I am pleased this is being looked at.

I will continue to press the Government to make sure they deliver on their promise, including when I meet the Transport Minister after the summer.

You can watch a video of my question and the answer here, and read the full text here.

Watch: My speech in the budget debate

JR_Pic_2.jpgYesterday (Tuesday 14th July) I spoke in the House of Commons during the debate on the Government's emergency budget. Whilst there were some aspects of the budget I support, such as the ending of permanent non-Dom status, overall this is a budget that will do more harm than good to people in Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley, Dukinfield and Longdendale.

In particular, I believe the replacement of university grants with loans is unacceptable, along with the Government's failure to tackle the country's housing crisis, the lack of commitment to the Northern Powerhouse initiative, and the changes to tax credits that will hit ordinary working families especially hard.

You can watch my speech here, and read the full text here

Give it some welly! Charity Wellython launched

This morning I visited Gorse Hall Primary School in Stalybridge to meet with pupils who form the ECO Committee, and launch the school’s charity wellython. The school’s ECO Committee recently visited the House of Parliament and Downing Street and were keen to tell me about their visit.

I was also delighted to launch the school’s charity wellython, where each teacher and pupil will walk one mile around school grounds, with a target of walking 500 miles to hopefully raise £500. The money raised will go towards the opening of the Ilamula house, an orphanage for young vulnerable girls under 16 years old in South Africa.

Gorse Hall do fantastic work with their ECO Committee, and it sounds like they had a great visit to Parliament and Downing Street. It’s always heartening to see young people interested and passionate about environmental issues.

The wellython is a great idea, and for a very worthy cause. I have no doubt they will be successful in achieving their target, and I'm sure it will be worth the aching legs afterwards!

Prime Minister dodges question on ‘Northern Powercut’

Stalybridge_railway_station_2013.jpgAt Prime Minister’s questions on Wednesday I asked David Cameron about the Government’s recent announcement of an indefinite ‘pause’ on electrification of the TransPennine rail route between Manchester and Leeds. This line runs through Stalybridge and Mossley, meaning many constituents face many more years of delayed trains, cramped journeys and less frequent services, and I have been a frequent campaigner on this issue.

I laid out all these concerns to the Prime Minister, asking whether “these are the characteristics of a Northern Powerhouse?”. David Cameron’s response was to deny this was an indefinite pause, although he gave no date as to when the work would be completed.

The Prime Minister completely dodged the question and it is simply not good enough. Rail services in the North have constituently suffered under this Prime Minister. We have had the West Coast franchise fiasco which had knock on effects on franchising in the North, we have continually suffered with poor rolling stock whilst our best trains are sent to Oxfordshire, and now we’ve had the Northern Powercut with the ‘pause’ on electrification.

This puts the Government completely at odds with its Northern Powerhouse agenda, and it is time the Government started taking some of the responsibility instead of passing the whole blame onto Network Rail.

You can view a video of my exchange with the Prime Minister here



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