This week I have nervously agree to let my children interview me about being an MP for my column. Here goes!

What is the best bit about being an MP?

“You get to meet lots of people and to help lots of people, and you get to get things done- like we waited nearly a thousand years to get a bypass built in Longdendale and now it’s actually happening which is really nice and will make people’s lives easier and journeys quicker.”

Who is the nicest MP apart from you?

“Lots of them are nice but I always remember MP for Halifax Holly Lynch looking after you when I had to vote before you were allowed to take babies through the voting lobby. Now she’s having her own baby which is lovely, too- maybe you lot were good practice.”

Who is the worst MP?

“Boris Johnson.”

What is the best thing you’ve ever done as an MP?

“Sorting out the massive eyesore in Armentieres Square in Stalybridge – somebody had just left a burnt out gym blighting the town for a decade. Now it’s nice flats and more people can make the town centre their home which means we have to build fewer homes in the fields.”

Is Jeremy Corbyn a nice man?

“Yes. He really cares about people and wants to help people and is genuinely interested in their lives which I like. He gave me a high five in the corridor last week.”

Did he say “down below too slow?”?!


Is Theresa May a nice lady?

“I think she is a nice lady even though I don’t agree with her. I think she tries her best.”

Is the Queen is a nice lady?

“I like the Queen, she’s worked for her country for a very very long time, but when I met her, I had a little speech prepared to say about our area, but after we were introduced, she just smiled, said ‘hmmm’ and moved on, so I can’t pretend we’re best friends! Although when I visit local schools kids often ask if I am Prince William.”

Have you ever met Meghan Markle?

“Sadly not.”

What is Brexit?

“For several years the UK has been part of a club with other European countries doing some things together. But now we have decided not to do that and we will leave the club in 2019.”

What is your favourite place in the House of Commons?

“The library, because I love books, and I always love to read.”

Does it have Harry Potter?

“No. It only has non-fiction. Except for some books by Jeffrey Archer.”

Why are the benches green in the House of Commons?

“The House of Commons has green benches because it was originally just for commoners and green was the cheapest colour they could make because all they had to do was just boil grass. The House of Lords has deep red benches because at the time that was the most expensive colour to dye material with- you had to find cochineal beetles.”

Are you a commoner?

“Yes. But I believe a person is defined by what they know and what they do.”

If you weren’t an MP what other job would you like to do?

“I would love to be a football manager. But I would probably be a solicitor- someone who helps people or businesses who have legal problems.”

If it wasn’t you or Jeremy Corbyn who would make a good Prime Minister?

“Gareth Southgate.”

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